Handmade African Peulh Fulani earrings "Adajasakiss"

The listing is for a pair of beautiful handmade earrings by the Fulani people.

In the northern region of the West African Republic of Mali live one of the largest groups of nomadic herders on the continent of Africa.

Fulani craftsmen have been hand-forging their classic seedpod-like jewellery for centuries. Originally crafted in gold, traditional pieces are extremely labor-intensive, requiring two weeks of full-time work to complete. Rather than carry paper money, Fulani family wealth would be customarily worn by women in the form of jewellery like these earrings—to be carried with them at all times. Some of these items were handed down between women through many generations.

The city of Djenné, in Mali’s Niger Delta reason, was an important waypoint in trans-Saharan trade via Timbuktu during the 15th through 17th centuries. The gold that Fulani craftsmen used was one of many goods that passed through this once-thriving trade center. As the flow of goods slowed to a trickle once the Portuguese established trade ports along the coast, Fulani craftsmen adapted their skills to more easily acquired metals such as brass.

Measures cm.

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Handmade African Peulh Fulani earrings
Handmade African Peulh Fulani earrings
Handmade African Peulh Fulani earrings